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Hey Boo Stencil

Hey Boo Stencil

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Hey Boo Stencil
Silk Screen and Vinyl with self adhesive back.
All Magnolia Stencils are reusable!

Our stencils come in a variety of sizes for any creation. The stencils are a reusable silk screen material with adhesive on the back. Stencils last approximately 10-15 uses depending on how they are applied/removed, to what they are applied, and how well they are cared for.
STENCIL CARE INSTRUCTIONSWe recommend you wash your stencil immediately after use. Use cool water to rinse off excess paste. Do not let yourstencil soak in standing water, as it will remove the stickiness on the back of the stencil. Once the stencil is rinsed off,you will want to dry it by laying it face down with the sticky side up. Once the stencil is dry, you can reattach the shinyside of the backer to the sticky side of the stencil. You can use a disinfecting wipe to clean off any excess residue on yourstencil. This will also rejuvenate the sticky side. Do NOT use baby wipes, as it could reduce the adhesive value.

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