25 Tips to Create a Unique Vignette

I am going to show you different examples of stunning vignettes created by my amazing friend, Meredith Fisher from Eddy Street vintage market in Minden Nevada.along with Magnolia Design Company touches here and there.

So what exactly is a vignette you maybe asking yourself? If I’m being honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what the term meant either. I just knew I loved the way Meredith made it look so easy and flawless.. In simple terms, a vignette is a group of items placed together to create a pleasing focal point within a room or location of your home. For example A table in your entryway is a vignette, most people will have some sort of a theme or a season created on the table in their entry way.

Where do I put a vignette?

Most people do not decorate excessively for certain holidays, they do however decorate four seasons. A vignette is a nice way to decorate without going overboard or breaking the bank. It’s simple to do, and can be an inexpensive way to decorate a small area within your home. You may be wondering where you can put a vignette? Realistically. can be anywhere in any room of your home! In the blog I will give you a few ideas tips and tricks on how this can be achieved.

A great place to start a vignette is on your dining room table, you can start by adding a simple table runner, or a nice tablecloth. And then creating a simple centerpiece as a vignette. it doesn’t need to be fancy or overdone, in short a centerpiece if fine. This would be considered a tablescape vignette.

If you have a hutch within your dining room, that is also a great place to add small touches of theme Decor like this for example.

Vignette in your kitchen? Why not? Most people don’t normally decorate the kitchen, but if you do, it is a fun way to add whimsy and tie in your holiday theme or season.

Tiered trays, or on trend And make a really easy way for you to decorate your kitchen counter or table without taking up too much room or space.


Within your living room, the coffee table is always a fantastic way to create a vignette, this is a main focal point within your home and can be used year round, using neutral colors and adding a touch of color here in there can help you create a warm and inviting space for all to enjoy.

What do I include in a vignette?

Ideally you can use just about anything you like to decorate a vignette, most people associate holidays with certain colors, so that’s a great place to start. An example: Christmas colors are traditionally red and green, don’t go out and buy all new items to place in your Vignette, use things you may already have lying around your home. Some Christmas items can carry over into Valentine’s Day using reds and pinks.
A few more examples of items you can include in your vignette are Ceramics, glass bottle, jars vases And even small figurines. These things can be very versatile and can be switched out easily By adding different decor within or underneath it depending on how you’d like to decorate.
Candy jars, apothecary bottles and even wine glasses filled with items can add texture and color to your Vignette. Use different shapes and sizes to give it depth and dimension.
Signs and things within your vignette are also fun and can add a message within the theme itself. Commonly used items in Vignette are Flowers and candy, these items are easy to find at just about any store within your color scheme.
Decorating with white and black ceramic pottery is totally trending right now and can be used for all seasons and holidays.
Coffee/Cocoa bars are all the rage right now and are super trendy. This is just another example for how you can decorate a vignette for the holiday or seasons without going over the top. 
Add a cute chalkboard, or a Magnolia Design Company multi directional standee to your vignette for an added special touch!
A fantastic way to display your items and bring all your decorations together is to put them in a basket or on a tray. This makes The whole vignette easy to move when necessary.
Some of the most amazing vignettes I have seen at Eddy Street Vintage Market have different sizes and textures, of various items Helping give more dimension. Seen here are various heights adding to the overall look. This same luck can be achieved by adding books, a tiered tray, even a cake stand. Start by placing the taller items in the back and moving forward with smaller items layering down adding items as you go.
Here are a few examples of how to layer using various heights within your vignette.

I hope this post has inspired you to show your style, creativity and got your imagination flowing. 

Thanks Meredith Fisher and the Eddy Street Vintage Market team for the use of all their photos.
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