Valentine’s Day Kid Craft Arrows

This is a simple craft you can do with kids or make them for yourself to decorate your home! I used mine all over my living room and kitchen!

The Arrows can be given as Valentine’s Day gifts at your child’s school or used as an embellishment on a home decor piece like the one pictured here!

Everything I used to create these arrows came from Dollar Tree so they are very inexpensive! BONUS!

Items you will need:
-Valentine’s Day pencils
-Foam Hearts
-Felt Fabric hearts
-Ribbon (optional)
-Glue gun
-Glue sticks

To begin I glued the hearts to the lead side of the pencil. Once the glue was dry, I then glued the feathers to the eraser side of the Pencil.

After the feathers were in place I then wrapped twine/ jute around the feathers to hide the glue and secure the feathers into place.

I tied the twine in a knot or bow and trimmed the excess ends of twine off. The whole process took just minutes to complete and they were so much fun to make. 

You can embellish them any way you like! Add a To: and From: name tag, tie them with ribbon instead of twine, you can even create your own feathers using paper! Let your imagination run wild and let your hearts soar! 

Note from ShesCrafty: in lieu of pencils you can also use Wooden dowels also found in the crafting section of dollar tree. Always use caution when crafting with kids never leave the glue gun unattended! I suggest a low temp gun around children.

Happy Crafting!
Xoxo Jenn

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