How to fix your Magnolia Chalk Paste when it dries out!

Oh No my Chalk Paste Dried out! 
Step one, don’t panic! We did throw the baby out with the dirty water so the same rules apply here, Don’t toss it, let’s FIX IT!
Take an ordinary spray bottle filled with distilled water and spray a few quick blasts into the jar to help breakdown the chalk paste. The chalk paste is water based so the water will not harm your paste in any way! 
in some cases you may need to let the water sit on top of the paste for a few minuets before moving onto the next step.
Once you have added your water into the jar you will mix well with the Magnolia Multitask tool. If you don’t have a multitask tool, feel free you use what you have on hand as long as its NOT a wooden stick! The wooden stick can take out the moisture and you want to avoid that. So Wood, No Good! is my motto! 
Continue to mix and add more water a little at a time until all the lumps are gone. If you have tiny lumps its ok, it will not effect to performance of the chalk paste in any way.
You paste should now have the texture of frosting from a can, please don’t lick the multitask tool, although, the paste is NON TOXIC so should little ones get into your paste jars, it won’t harm them, They may have some colorful lips, but I promise you they are safe. 
after care:
Once you have finished using your Magnolia Chalk Paste on your project, clean the rim of the jar, and spray a few more blasts of water into your jar, leave it sitting on top, and place the lid on tight. your paste will be good to go for the next time! 
Happy Chalking from She’s Crafty USA
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